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How To Find Your VIN Number

How To Find Your VIN Number

Have you thought about what that long number on the side of your front windshield is for? Most of us in the industry know it as your vehicle’s “VIN” or Vehicle Identification Number. Each vehicle has their own unique VIN number. The National Highway and Transit Safety Administration, adopted the practice of putting the VIN on automobiles as of 1954.

The VIN unique to your vehicle, similar to a fingerprint, each vehicle has it’s own unique identifier.  It is typically made up of individual numbers and letters and provides specific information about your vehicle. It includes information such as: what country the vehicle is made, the make and the model, and more.

Where is the VIN located on the Vehicle?

You can typically find your VIN located in the following locations:

  1. Front of engine block under hood
  2. Driver’s Side Interior Dash
  3. Front end of frame (on older vehicles)
  4. Driver’s side door jam (inside)
  5. Vehicle Insurance Documents

How is my VIN used?

There are many reasons why your VIN would be needed. Examples include:

  • If there was a factory recall for a specific auto maker, this would allow the manufacturer to inform all of its customers who have purchased the vehicle, of the details of the recall, etc.
  • The VIN provides information about change in ownership, so those purchasing the vehicle privately can get information about previous owners, etc.
  • If your vehicle needs its windshield replaced, the shop can easily acquire the specific parts needed for your vehicle.

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