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Windshield Repair

Windshield Repair

We live in Montana, which means that many of us spend time driving long distances to get anywhere.  We live in a place where people think in terms of ‘how long’ a drive takes, rather than the actual miles to get there.

Also, once you leave the luxury of Interstate 90, Montana is home to some serious backcountry roads.  In all of these places, a rock chip on the windshield can happen in a moment.  It’s a wrong place, wrong time kind of thing, obviously, but if you spend enough time driving in this state, it will happen eventually.

Rock Chip Repair

It’s important to fix a chip in a car’s windshield immediately.  It’s a simple fix, and if the chip has not sprouted a crack, filling the chip is cheap, and it will most often keep the damage from spreading.  Damage to windshields can spread quickly.

Temperature changes, pressures both barometric and physical—think wind, rain, hail, etc.—can cause a tiny ding in a windshield to become a snaky crack in no time.  Cracks in the windshield can be dangerous for many reasons: one of the major reasons is that a damaged windshield can explode when an air bag is deployed.

This is also possible with an incorrectly installed windshield, so if you need to replace your windshield, trust the work of the professionals at Track Side Auto Body.

Complete Windshield Repair

When a small chip in a windshield has developed a crack—even just the tiniest crack that falls outside of the area that can be filled—it’s no longer feasible to attempt to fill it.  To replace a broken windshield is important for safety reasons, but it’s also costly.  Windshields are expensive.

But most insurance companies today do offer some windshield and glass coverage—extremely helpful when the other windows get broken too—and for a small add-on fee with each insurance payment, you can get a super-low deductible for windshield replacement, and most times this includes free windshield repair.

When you get a chip or a crack in your windshield, trust the experts at Track Side Auto Body to professionally repair or replace your windshield.


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