Auto Body Repair in Billings, MT and serving Lockwood, MT

Auto Body Repair in Billings, MT and serving Lockwood, MT

Ask us about aluminum repair work

Aluminum cars need special care. The team at Track Side Auto Body handles all types of repair work. We can fix any type of aluminum vehicle you bring into our shop.

Our seasoned technicians can locate any problem accurately. No matter how badly your car's been damaged, you can trust us to make it look and run like new. Call 406-256-8366 now to discuss your issue with an aluminum repair technician in Billings, Montana.

Why is aluminum repair so specialized?

You can't take your vehicle to just any auto body repair shop in Billings, Montana. Hire a trained team that knows that they're doing. Aluminum repair is complex and labor intensive for many reasons. When aluminum is damaged, it doesn't remember its original shape like steel does. Plus, your auto body needs to be hardened again before you can drive it. We'll take our time to fix your car correctly so you won't experience any further issues.

Choose us for specialized auto body repair service in Billings, Montana. Visit Track Side Auto Body today to get your car fixed.